Every painting is a prayer. Offered to the Divine. Nothing more, nothing less.

Sometimes it feels like the titles are a response. Call and response. Art as communion.

be not afraid | 12" x 12" | acrylic on canvas
still | 12" x 12" | acrylic on canvas

These two pieces are out on a film set this weekend as part of an art director's vision for a video that will be promoting a Calgary neighborhood. I like to think they are gong to inspire - and spread LOVE - just by being on the wall of the set. ❤️ (And - since they are only rented, not purchased - they could still be yours! Visit Bluerock Gallery in person or online to purchase!)

"Every creation begins with a soul urge stirring our consciousness. If I wish to make a drawing, I must first "wish" to make a drawing. An artwork begins as an invention coalescing in our mind/soul/self. Art is solidified intention. The consciousness of the creator is therefore the primal source, medium and subject manifesting through every creation. The identity and intentions of the creator determines the worldview and messages encoded in their work. The type of painting done by an artist is conditioned by their self-consciousness, culture, educational level and aspiration. The philosophical worldviews we express through our creations can inform and uplift the spiritual lives of people if that is our intention. What aspiration, what initiatory prayer is at the root of your expression? To bring forward highly spiritual art, artists aspire to serve the divine with their creations. When artists are at the service of divine love, they are the perfect medium."

Alex Grey

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