painting heART

exploring colour and pattern

more words


I post things around me to keep me “calibrated” in the ways I need… the way certain words can help me in orienting toward trust and embodying LOVE in action. My “instrument” needs constant calibrating, or tuning… and these postcards arise from that place. I create the ones I need to see! Introducing the newest […]


Every painting is a prayer. Offered to the Divine. Nothing more, nothing less. Sometimes it feels like the titles are a response. Call and response. Art as communion. These two pieces are out on a film set this weekend as part of an art director’s vision for a video that will be promoting a Calgary […]


A good friend recently asked me about the inspiration for this series. Here was my response… I think the inspiration was (and continues to be) “playing” with colour as a way to “self-soothe”… When the pandemic hit in mid-March, I had just finished sorting all of my art supplies in February… (interesting timing) and I had […]

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