everything changes: painting with oil

walking each other home (WIP)
9 x 12 oil on panel

Thanks to a dear friend and the ongoing conversations we've been having about our art practice, I became intrigued with the idea of oil painting, and am taking a course called "Fluency & Flow" offered by Kimberly Brooks, author of the book "The New Oil Painting: Your Essential Guide to Materials and Safe Practices."

As a beginner and mostly self-taught artist, this course is both challenging and exhilarating. I'm posting works here that represent experiments and very much works-in-progress.  Also (shocking) the waiting time for them to dry is 6 months minimum, and then they need to be varnished to protect them (which even Kimberly admits to not doing consistently). 

intergenerational (WIP)
12x12 oil on canvas

The most important pieces that I'm taking in (it's kind of hurting my brain) and starting to "get" are that oil painting is a process of ADDING light (as different from watercolor painting where the pigments subtract light) and also the lovely malleability of the medium, which allows for all kinds of different experimentation.

What a thrilling adventure! I'll update as I go... so stay tuned! It will be a while before any of these show up in my online store or in a gallery anywhere, so if you do see something that interests you, contact me and we can discuss. Thank you for being here as witness to this journey! #latebloomer

ascending (WIP)
12x12 inch oil on panel

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