Art Saves Lives... my personal experience

This past year has been full of epic adventures, some with high drama, others with a slow burning transformational fire... and through it all, I’ve been madly painting postcards. Almost all of them painted in a grid of 5 x 5 tiny squares. This pattern showed up in early July, and since then I’ve painted one or several every single day. It’s a practice. No mistakes. And no goal. Just keep painting.
Sometimes I’m inspired by a quote I read, and I’ll take a postcard to paint words. I love to see the quote written in cursive and then painted with pops of colour in the letters. These I’ve reproduced so that they can be shared more widely... I’ve had fun sending a lot of postcards - and they are so much fun to receive! (Fun fact - I have a collection of postcards in boxes from over my life - many which have been sent to me and I treasure!)
These miniature masterpieces (!) bring me such great joy. Sometimes they bring me to tears. How is it there are infinite varieties of patterns and colours, and I’m not finished yet (don’t know if I’ll ever be) and there are almost 600 postcards now in this body of work...
The time has come to share. Hence this website, and putting my art out into the world. The people who are meant to see it will, I’m sure. And if you’re one of them, reading this, I welcome you. I hope you are nourished in your own soul by having a view of these pieces and this body of work.
❤️Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed your visit. Come back soon!

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  • Hi Karen. Keep blogging. I love your writing.


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