100 days

Everything has a beginning, middle and end.  Especially projects that are defined by a number of days.

Things I learned about myself during this (first) 100 day project:

  1. Jumping in and not knowing where I'm going is something I enjoy. The discovery process, in itself, is a pleasure. Of course, it is sometimes also overwhelming, discouraging, confusing, disappointing.  But mostly, it is a delight to keep going, not knowing where the next inspiration will come from, and being surprised by what does arise.
  2. The value of a sketchbook = making art that is not going to be something you have to figure out what to do with later.  It's not to frame, and it's not for sale.  It's just for YOURSELF. Deeply satisfying.
  3. There is a certain tension that builds over time.  Every time I was pleased with a painting, the next one was scarier, and then scarier. Like having a string of "successes" made wrecking it a bigger deal. Hence, jumping in and just going with the flow, instead of overthinking.
  4. How important sharing the process with others is for me.  And this is not the same as selling work. It involves being seen, sharing what I've created, getting feedback. A vital part of the process.  Thank you, Instagram and my friends and followers, for joining me on this journey. Your love and support lifted me.
  5. My brain doesn't like to plan things out.  I love to see what happens when my pencil hits the paper. I almost never erase. And I usually choose colors similarly - quickly, not thinking too much. It's like my body is communicating directly and I don't want my thinking mind to interfere. Only when it comes to the timing of things does my left brain come in handy. Like which colour comes first if it is going to be a multiple layer thing.  But even then I rely heavily on a gut feeling and an instinct. Not too much thinking.
  6. What I love most are seeing colors playing - usually not with a particular object or form. (Hence the surprise in 7 below.)
  7. I truly enjoyed the inspiration that came from glimpsing other artist's work - either seeing some piece behind someone on a Zoom call, or by friends connecting me with other artists whose work made them think of me (always a thrill)! 
  8. The "watercolor people" couldn't have surprised me more. And - I'm so glad to have met them. I think they will be showing up again and again for a while. We'll see. 


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