I post things around me to keep me “calibrated” in the ways I need… the way certain words can help me in orienting toward trust and embodying LOVE in action. My “instrument” needs constant calibrating, or tuning… and these postcards arise from that place. I create the ones I need to see!

Introducing the newest postcards to join the ongoing collection on display and available for purchase at Bluerock Gallery. Also available from me directly – just send a message for more details!

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Every painting is a prayer. Offered to the Divine. Nothing more, nothing less.

Sometimes it feels like the titles are a response. Call and response. Art as communion.

be not afraid | 12″ x 12″ | acrylic on canvas
still | 12″ x 12″ | acrylic on canvas

These two pieces are out on a film set this weekend as part of an art director’s vision for a video that will be promoting a Calgary neighborhood. I like to think they are gong to inspire – and spread LOVE – just by being on the wall of the set. ❤️ (And – since they are only rented, not purchased – they could still be yours! Visit Bluerock Gallery in person or online to purchase!)

“Every creation begins with a soul urge stirring our consciousness. If I wish to make a drawing, I must first “wish” to make a drawing. An artwork begins as an invention coalescing in our mind/soul/self. Art is solidified intention. The consciousness of the creator is therefore the primal source, medium and subject manifesting through every creation. The identity and intentions of the creator determines the worldview and messages encoded in their work. The type of painting done by an artist is conditioned by their self-consciousness, culture, educational level and aspiration. The philosophical worldviews we express through our creations can inform and uplift the spiritual lives of people if that is our intention. What aspiration, what initiatory prayer is at the root of your expression? To bring forward highly spiritual art, artists aspire to serve the divine with their creations. When artists are at the service of divine love, they are the perfect medium.”

Alex Grey


A good friend recently asked me about the inspiration for this series.

Here was my response…

I think the inspiration was (and continues to be) “playing” with colour as a way to “self-soothe”…

When the pandemic hit in mid-March, I had just finished sorting all of my art supplies in February… (interesting timing) and I had these six 12 x 12 canvases from a time before we bought the gallery in 2010 (so well over 10 years).  And they just called to me.  I have not been a painter – in that “serious” sense of the word – so I just got them out to play.  What could it hurt, right?

And from there, a series was born. Because, after I painted the first one (Social Isolation Begins) I couldn’t stop.  And it was about a painting a day for a while…

Also – as you well know – this series builds on the hundreds of postcards I’ve painted using watercolours in the form of a grid pattern.  So that was in my system… the grid gave me a structure and a way to organize colour and pattern that didn’t rely on having any subject matter.  Which is how I love to play with colour.

I only want to see colours laying beside each other, in ways that surprise and please me… without “distracting” me with subject matter.

And, so, after the first one, and then another and another… I think I just finished the 34th painting.  Nothing could surprise me more than to be looking back on this series…

I did NOT see it coming. I did not plan for it.  And I continue to wonder where it is taking me.

(Hahaha – answering your question has just given me more words about my process than I have managed to pull out of myself before this time… so thank you!)

(Also – I am a stumbling, fumbling amateur… so I’m learning lots as I go.  I’ve been really happy with the results… but I’m also quaveringly insecure in many ways…)

And thank you, S., for the question.  I’m grateful for the painting that continues to be a major part of my daily practice.


Bluerock Gallery, revisited

June, 2020 :: What a joy to be welcomed back to the gallery in the role of artist, by the current owner,  and my friend, Tarek Nemr.  

Artist Statement

I began to paint this ongoing series in March 2020, during the time of the Covid-19 pandemic and the mandate of physical isolation.

‘Listening’ to the harmonies of colors, the music of repeating patterns, and following the variations on a theme were all ways that helped me to stay present in the moment, while also feeling the fears, griefs and sorrows of mine and our fellow humans.

As ever, painting what is in my heart is one way I know how to share JOY. This series continues to surprise me with endless inspirations.

For me, welcoming joy and grief together is attuning to the great love that holds us, expressing in all moments. This is what I’m working to convey through color on canvas.

(click on image to see the pieces at Bluerock Gallery…)


Falling, not falling

This series (in my personal collection for now) is working through ideas and questions about falling, not falling (a description of walking, by the way), using photographs and situations to illustrate.

The text behind this first painting is the lyrics from “Shall we Gather at the River”, my paternal grandmother’s favorite hymn, which we sang every time we were together.  Our family still sings it when we gather.  My beloved brother, Roger, was battling cancer (and we didn’t know it yet) when I painted this, with a photograph I took of him at the top of a mountain in coastal Alaska, literally leaning into the wind, and not falling hundreds of feet down the precipice.

Roger, not falling

This piece was inspired by a scene witnessed on a walk with my cousin, Denise, near her place in coastal southern California.  A headless sparrow was hanging by it’s feet which were still holding onto the strand of wire fence.  Its head was on the ground below it.  How did this happen?  How come it didn’t fall? Only the head? And that song “His Eye is on the Sparrow” lyrics came to mind… 

I sing because my soul is a happy
I sing because I’m free
For His eye, it is on the little sparrow
And I know He’s watching over you and me

Other snippets of text are buried in the painting… you have to lean in to read them!

Sparrow, not falling

This piece shows, in pictures, the way the word “falling” is simply not the verb to use to describe what happened to the Twin Towers on 9/11/2001.  I won’t get into any of the conversations about who did it, or why (because I don’t know), but simply looking at images of other buildings that “fell” in one way or another, one has to acknowledge that what we all witnessed was a building that was “dustified” and disappeared in a way that no other building has, ever.  What we see, and what we say about it, is important. I’ll simply leave it there.

Towers: not falling

minimalist seriality, a pandemic practice

the beginning of a series

Listening, when called, and taking the plunge.  “There are no mistakes” is my mantra. (Learning that with acrylic paint, you can have a “do-over”, which is not the same as a mistake.)

Going into solitude this month, as directed by our public health officials, I was pulled by my stash of 12 x 12 canvases and acrylic paints… which have lain dormant for over 10 years.  

I’ve taken up the practice of painting every day – no requirement other than painting one thing.  Some days it is still a postcard.  Other days a canvas. Hence a series is born.  

Here is a photo of the first 12 laying on the floor in my living room, in the order they were painted (l-r).  


Art Saves Lives

my personal experience (ongoing)

This past year has been full of epic adventures, some with high drama, others with a slow burning transformational fire… and through it all, I’ve been madly painting postcards. Almost all of them painted in a grid of 5 x 5 tiny squares. This pattern showed up in early July, and since then I’ve painted one or several every single day. It’s a practice. No mistakes. And no goal. Just keep painting.

Sometimes I’m inspired by a quote I read, and I’ll take a postcard to paint words. I love to see the quote written in cursive and then painted with pops of colour in the letters. These I’ve reproduced so that they can be shared more widely… I’ve had fun sending a lot of postcards – and they are so much fun to receive! (Fun fact – I have a collection of postcards in boxes from over my life – many which have been sent to me and I treasure!)

These miniature masterpieces (!) bring me such great joy. Sometimes they bring me to tears. How is it there are infinite varieties of patterns and colours, and I’m not finished yet (don’t know if I’ll ever be) and there are almost 600 postcards now in this body of work…

The time has come to share. Hence this website, and putting my art out into the world. The people who are meant to see it will, I’m sure. And if you’re one of them, reading this, I welcome you. I hope you are nourished in your own soul by having a view of these pieces and this body of work.❤️Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed your visit. Come back soon!